Since 1999 Air Free Tires has been the Home of Marvel Compound Airless Bicycle Tires.

In the 15 years since, no other brand can claim a better ride. Made in the USA, these polyurethane micro-cellular tires work well in all types of applications.

With a tough and stout feel, Marvel Compound brand airless bicycle tires will last for years and never go flat



Since 1999 we have carried the Top Wheelchair tire brands

With several suppliers to choose from, everyone will find something they like. With tires in colors, tires for scooters, no flat tires, inserts and more, Air Free Tires is the One Stop shop for all your wheelchair or mobility device tire needs.

All of our suppliers have been making tires for years, you can trust them both to deliver the best value for your money

  • 20 Inch Tires
  • 22 Inch Tires
  • 25 Inch Tires
  • 26 Inch Tires
  • 700c Tires




Since 1999 we have carried the Marathon Industries brand of No Flat Commercial Tires.

In the 15 years since, no one can claim a better product. With all the popular sizes covered, Marathon Industries’ tough and durable urethane tires can withstand the harshest of punishments.

Marathon offers multiple hub and bearing sizes on many of models we carry.

  • Wheelbarrow Tires
  • Hand Truck Tires
  • Mower Tires
  • Dolly Tires
  • Castors


Getting the Right Size to Fit is Super Important

Learn how to properly assess your application for the right size tire. When the tire fits correctly, the performance and safety is increased.


Airless tires tires are easier to install than one might think.

True some are a wee bit harder to install than others but we offer the tips and tweaks to get them on and to stay on.


People love reading about Airless tires.

We have nice articles and all sorts of interesting reading about the airless tires…..